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Player Ratings Editor Blog

This page is where the Player Ratings Editor writes comments where fans can comment on what the Ed says.


Player Ratings Blog 8 - The influx of money on football.


Player Ratings Blog 7 - Liverpool's youth players
This article is about the growing impact of clubs youth teams,Clubs nowadays would much prefer to invest money into getting a good youth squad rather than paying money for players in the future...


Player Ratings Blog 6 - My take on the Suarez situation


Player Ratings Blog 5 - Rodgers and progression under Him.


Player Ratings Blog 4 - 2013-2014 premier league predictions


Player Ratings Blog 1 - Liverpool transfer dealing
This is a blog where I give my opinion on Liverpool transfer dealings so far and rate them. If I think they will fit in at Anfield and who I hope Liverpool will sign in addition to who we have already signed.

Firstly I want to speak about K.Toure...



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